About Us

Matt Stetson, Senior Warden
Profile of an unlikely brew master.
Matt began his career in the alcohol beverage world as a Sommelier working for a grocery store chain in South Florida.  The wine world in combination with a growing family gave many reasons to leave his previous careers in music and technology behind.  After completing his Sommelier L.II certification, he was invited to participate in his family’s wine distribution business in Michigan.  He worked as a regional sales manager with the company for nearly two years, but the economy in Southeastern Michigan was not a healthy one after the events of late 2001. Matt and his family returned to their previous home in South Florida.  He came back to the area with even stronger retail and distribution knowledge and certifications from various wine associations and organizations. From there, he went to work for a series of beverage distribution companies in the prestigious Palm Beach Island and surrounding area.  Unfortunately, there was a lack of passion from companies distributing wine in Florida and Matt was forced to pursue income from non beverage industries for awhile while moonlighting in restaurants and retailers as a sommelier.  Enter today: a combination of factors including his passion for the beverage industry, his personal interest and love for the craft beer world, his intense desire and experience to create, and a good dose of raw fate have led to the creation of The Accomplice Brewery.  The Accomplice presents the chance to create not only beer, but also sake, mead, cider, wine, sodas and many other beverages.  These opportunities would never be possible if not for his “accomplices”.  “In twenty years you make many connections.  It’s your choice what you do with them”.  Matt has chose to make many of them his “partners in crime”.  After all; beer is always better with friends.

Felonice Merriman, Senior Warden

Since she was young, Felonice has always had an interest in the arts. In school, she studied fine and digital arts, photography, journalism/publishing, tv productions and theatre. Through out this time she achieved many leadership roles in these fields. These pursuits and her love for being creative were the building blocks that created who she is today.

She continued her career path in the publishing industry and for the past fifteen years, has worked at a variety of newspapers and magazines where she was recognized with many awards and accolades in design and layout. However in 2008, she found herself 6 months pregnant with her first child and her whole design department outsourced to India. This prompted her to form her own graphic design company. Fast forward six years later, she now  also owns a publishing company and each month puts together a monthly publication distributed throughout Palm Beach County.

Before meeting Matt in 2013, Felonice had never stepped foot into a brewery before. Being a fast learner though, she quickly appreciated his passion for craft beer and wine. She also has contributed to his creative repertoire and is key in developing new recipe ideas. Over three years ago, She was diagnosed with Celiac disease and for medical reasons, can not ingest gluten or wheat products. This inspired Matt to create beverages that she can enjoy. Together they have become partners in crime, taking road trips to other breweries, enjoying good food and wine, or taking in the sights. Felonice uses her knowledge of business, design, marketing and advertising at the brewery keeping Accomplice’s website and facebook page current or working on the latest design ideas.