You Need To Know These Groundbreaking Female Brewers & Industry Leaders

You Need To Know These Groundbreaking Female Brewers & Industry Leaders

By Katie Foote, Epicure & Culture Contributor Nov. 22, 2016

Despite the fact beer is often thought of as a “man’s drink,” in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian cultures it was the woman’s job to brew — a task thought to ultimately have led to the creation of civilization. Beer truly is a girl power story, though one that’s often forgotten. Luckily, modern-day craft breweries are helping to rapidly expand beer’s appeal to both genders. While the industry is still largely male-dominated, an increasing number of women are making a name for themselves.

Meet the inspiring females who have turned their passion and skills into a profession. Whether they entered the industry because of their scientific backgrounds, family businesses in hospitality or to support their partners, these ladies took risks to follow their dreams. Read about their favorite beers and find out where you can enjoy their hard work at breweries around the United States.

Felonice Merriman

Accomplice Brewery & Ciderworks (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Women may not be dominating the brewing industry (yet), but there’s probably even fewer celiac (medically gluten-free) participants. Felonice Merriman, co-owner of Accomplice Brewery & Ciderworks in West Palm Beach, is both. Felonice started South Florida’s first commercial cidery almost three years ago. She had already started two companies (graphic design and a regional publication) and encouraged her partner Matt to follow his dream of opening a brewery. Because of her gluten allergy, they decided to focus on ciders.

When Accomplice first opened, the couple worked side-by-side. Felonice worked in production as Matt’s assistant, as well as being the lead kegger and taste-tester. Felonice and Matt continue to work together and next year they’ll launch a gluten-free brewery, one of the only on the East Coast.

Felonice enjoys the camaraderie with a small group of female brewers in Florida. Together with co-owner of Devour Brewing, Trish Breighner, she is currently in the process of launching a South Florida Chapter of Florida Women in Brewing.

She recommends her favorite Accomplice cider: “Cidewinder,” a cinnamon double cider made with real ceylon cinnamon sticks that tastes like apple strudel in a glass.

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